Kintsugi of the Soul, edition 31


Today’s Kintsugi of the Soul* features an inspiring, short film about writer Joe Minihane. Joe shares about his struggle with anxiety and how nature and community became two integral paths on his healing journey… a healing journey that first, took him across the UK in search of peace from his worry and then second, sparked and unleashed the creative spirit within. In order to access this film you’ll have to head over to Uplift TV and register for a free account. You’ll find the film here.

“I know that not everybody will want to throw themselves into the sea or get into a cold river, and I know that not everybody can. But everybody can talk and everybody can tell other people about how they’re feeling. And that to me is the most important lesson I’ve learned from this entire journey… that being open and honest are the first steps to making yourself feel better.”
~Joe Minihane. 

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Kintsugi of the Soul, edition 19


Today’s Kintsugi of the Soul* is the powerful story of NHL hockey player Theo Fleury, as he shares his story of trauma and healing through writing and sharing his story with others. (Warning: the very beginning is a little graphic so if you are sensitive, you might want to skip the first minute or so.)

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Kintsugi of the Soul, edition 3


This week’s edition of Kintsugi of the Soul directs you to the story of a woman who used the creative process of writing to help her transcend her identity as “patient” and bring healing to herself and others.

I started writing my first memoir “Penetrating Madness,” about my long struggle with severe and persistent mental illness during my last psychiatric hospitalization   — in early 2007 on an eating disorder unit. Usually when I was in the hospital, I kept a journal, but during this hospitalization, journal writing had become repetitive and mundane. I needed more from my writing. Wanting to share my story, I wrote so others wouldn’t feel as alone as I was feeling, and because there was a desire from the writer within me who was struggling to emerge.

Read how writing and the desire to share her story brought about wholeness to writer and licensed social worker Gerri Luce in The Healing Power of Creativity: the ability of creativity to transcend the patient identity online at Psychology Today.

She ends her testimony with these powerful words:

The path to creativity has the ability to heal wounds, to soothe pain.

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Create-A-Day: your daily dose of creativity #234 — Nativity Suite Poetry for Christmas


Go ahead and rise, stars.

Simeons Moment

“Simeon’s Moment” by Ron DiCianni

Whisper about the origins

of the universe, your secret,

holy fires.  Tonight I will remember

the child I held to my chest.

I will pull my cloak to my face

and drift in the sweetness of milk.

from Simeon by Tania Runyan (Lines 25-31)

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Create-A-Day: your daily dose of creativity #217 — Ta-Nehisi Coates on Writing


T Coates

Bringing you a great video today with author, journalist, blogger and teacher Ta-Nehisi Coates from Creative Breathroughs by The Atlantic. It’s less than 4-minutes and worth the watch! Continue reading

Create-A-Day: your daily dose of creativity #165 — Ira Glass on Creativity


Ira GlassIra Glass is the host and producer of the documentary radio program “This American Life” broadcast on Public Radio. Today’s inspiration is a clip of him speaking on creativity. To whet your appetite, here’s a quick quote:

“The thing I would just like to say with all my heart is that most everybody I know who does interesting creative work they went through a phase of years where they had really good taste and they could tell what they were making wasn’t as good as what they wanted it to be. They knew it fell short. It didn’t have that special thing we wanted it to have. And the thing I would say to you is that everybody goes through that…

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Create-A-Day: your daily dose of creativity #164 — Writing Groups on Facebook


FBIt’s another Facebook Friday!! And we have two groups featured today!

Our first group is Christian Authors & Writers and has almost 16,000 members!! It is administered by Mark & Claudette Elliott. Continue reading

Create-A-Day: your daily dose of creativity #152 — Preface, Foreward, Prologue, Oh My!


Tamika Hall

What’s the difference between a preface, a foreward and a prologue, you ask? Let’s ask Tamika Hall! I’ve referred you to Tamika earlier this year (check that out here) and I’m sending you there again to hear Tamika discuss the differences on her podcast:

Preface, Foreward, Prologue, Oh My!

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Create-A-Day: your daily dose of creativity #146 — Encouragement for Writers


Sarah WellsI’ve posted a piece from author and poet Sarah Wells before (see: Field Guide to Resisting Temptation and if you haven’t read this transparent piece yet, I highly encourage you do).

We also spent the week and a half before Easter with Sarah’s poetry, taking us to deep places as we considered the Passion of Christ (see: 7 Virtual Art Walk for links to all those deeply touching posts).

I wanted to post another great article from her today, this one with simple and practical advice for writers! Continue reading

Create-A-Day: your daily dose of creativity #133 — Creativity, Touch & Feel



I’ve long been a proponent of putting pen to paper, and not in the proverbial sense, but in real-live, actual pen or pencil in hand on that thin, white stuff of trees we call paper!  However, today I’m sending you over to the Creative Thinking Hub for a short article on Creativity, Touch & Feel. This article is about how to use your tablet in a similar way as pen and paper. Continue reading

Create-A-Day: your daily dose of creativity #119 — Creativity A’Blaze’


Maddy prom selfieToday’s post is dedicated to my daughter Maddy in celebration of her birthday. You are Madelyn Ruth, Magnificent Companion of God! You are my BEaUtiful daughter, ablaze with adventure and life!

I’ve posted the work of artist Colleen Briggs of Fragments of Light before. Want to direct you there again! This artwork and her accompanying story will certainly bless your day. As you read the story, you will quickly see it is an analogy for something much larger.

So click here to head over to her post entitled Blaze, and allow the Holy Spirit to minister to you as you read and enjoy her work.

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Create-A-Day: your daily dose of creativity #102 — Creative Inspiration from Tamika Hall


Tamika Hall

I connected you with Tamika Hall Ministries back in January with a devotional podcast on 1st Peter. Wanted to share another of her podcasts today: How to Write & Publish a Devotional. Continue reading

Create-A-Day, your daily dose of creativity, edition#101 — Advice for Struggling Writers



In this wonderful article, compiles 17 words of advice for struggling writers, from the famous writers who’ve been there. Advice in the form of quotes from the likes of Ernest Hemingway, Anne Lamott, Anton Chekhov, and Stephen King.

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WordPress Family Award


WP Family AwardThank you Ellie of New Creations Ministries here on WordPress for nominating me for The WordPress Family Award. I humbly accept! Ellie writes about lifestyle and nutrition from a Biblical perspective. I love her insights! She is an author of several books and she offers “Life’s Too Short to Eat Bad Cheese” Seminars for women’s groups.

And yes indeed, life is way too short to eat bad cheese!! Continue reading

Create-A-Day: your daily dose of creativity #96 — Christian Poets & Writers FB Group


FBIt’s another Facebook Friday!

Today’s group is Christian Poets & Writers administered by Mary Harwell Sayler. It’s group description is as follows:

The CHRISTIAN POETS & WRITERS group exists to encourage each other in our Christian faith and improve our writing in all genres to draw readers to Christ and up-build the church in Jesus’ Name.

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Create-A-Day: your daily dose of creativity #87 — Redemptive Art


As a Christian artist or creative, it is important to consider the redemptive value of your work. When viewed from a worldly perspective, we think of art in terms of monetary value—have we sold original pieces, prints, copies, songs, albums, scripts, . . . ? And we limit the value of our work to units sold. However, when we open ourselves as creatives to a heavenly view of value, we come to realize a whole new commodity. Are we changing lives, healing hearts, revealing beauty, seeking justice, claiming hearts for Our Creator? We begin to realize that there is a greater redemptive value to our work.

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Create-A-Day: your daily dose of creativity #85 — How a boy became an artist


O creativity

Bringing you another amazing TED Talk from Jarrett J. Krosoczka. “How a boy became an artist” is a great story about how Jarrett became an author and illustrator of children’s books. This is why arts education is so important!!

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Create-A-Day: your daily dose of creativity #81 — Christian Artists


FBAnother Facebook Friday!

Today’s group is called Christian Artists and its group description reads as follows:

Christian artists, Christian dancers, Christian painters, Christian sculptors, Christian musicians, Christian singers, Christian actors, Christian writers and poets.
We are interested in networking and showcasing excellence in the arts for God’s glory. 

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Create-A-Day: your daily dose of creativity #75 — Creative Writing Prompts


by Louis crartist FlickrToday’s post is for writers of all types: authors, bloggers, script writers, playwrights, songwriters.

Christian Creative Writers offers two sets of writing prompts to help get your creative juices flowing:

Christian Writing Prompts

Creative Writing Prompts

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“Father, into your hands..” Last 7 Words of Jesus in Art, Poetry & Song (Create-A-Day #66)


“7” Virtual Art-Walk: Day 7

Jesus called out with a loud voice, “Father, into your hands I commit my spirit.” When he had said this, he breathed his last. Luke 23:46

Matt Durbin (c) 2010

Matt Durbin (c) 2010


Here I am, my son.

Your struggle is over.

It was near impossible

to keep from turning

toward your cries.

I felt each lash,

wailed as they

drove the nails.

I blacked out the sun

so as not to see

your suffering.

Come to me now,

let me bandage

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