Understanding Comes in Rest


trUly BEaUtiful!!
From a creative journaling / doodling / praying exercise my friend Donna practices each morning….


Blessed me to tears…


This dance from Mickye Castillo’s Freedom in the Dance ministry at The Potter’s House blessed me to tears…


The lyrics, the choir, the dancers, the music, the movements, the lighting, the enthusiasm of the congregation, and even a short glimpse of the “floor” choir director directing with all his might (see lower right corner around 4:10++) were all so very powerful.

Oh Lord, you are my strength and my refuge…  my very present help in time of need.

Oh, now I need you.

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Poem ‘She dances’ ~ Lilly Hope Lucario


My next book is all about healing from trauma using the creative process. This poem is a perfect example of it. And it is…
So incredibly powerful… so trUly BEaUtiful….
From blogger Lilly Hope Lucario at

Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

Sad Ballet

Ballet, dancing – was my saving grace, while enduring child sexual abuse by an old man paedophile, for several years ending at approx age 12.

She Dances ~ Lilly Hope Lucario

In her garden
Of evil

Of gods and monsters
Evil presides

No safety
No protection
No rescue


Deep pain
Seared into
Her fragile soul
Unable to cope
Verbally suppressed

She dances

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Returning to Center: an Embodied Prayer


embpryretThis is an embodied prayer I created for the Art of Spiritual Direction retreats at which I teach. It is based on the Lakota Native American Four Directions Prayer.

Participants stand in a circle, facing center, where a large cross is placed. You can also Create a Sacred Space like the one pictured at right and use that as your central focal point.

Below is a picture from a YogaFaith training where a beautiful pool of water was our focal point. Serendipitously, we ended up with our hands on both of our neighbors shoulders (at the part of the prayer where we prayer for the person on our left and right). It became a powerful symbolic action of unity and solidarity of purpose.

TSY Center prayer2

Returning to Center: Embodied Scripture Prayer

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Painted Presents and the Art of Christmas


Don’t ever be “too busy” to give your gift of ARTistry, BEaUty and CREATivITy…

The Secret Kingdom


It’s hard to paint with a cat in your lap.

Many years ago I painted a portrait of my sister

for her Christmas present.

I am a slow painter.

If I remember correctly…

I started that painting

many months before Christmas

giving myself time

to linger over my work.

“Portrait of Sherry” by Michele Bledsoe

This Christmas

my sister asked for another portrait.

Not of herself,

but one of her beloved cat, Munchkin

who passed away this year..

leaving me 6 days to finish the painting.

6 days.

As of today, it is 5.

Did I decline her request?

Did I make excuses?

Did I explain that I simply had too many other things to do before Christmas?


I just grabbed a blank canvas and started painting.

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Create-A-Day: your daily dose of creativity #219 — ADVENTure Prayer Walk


I originally posted this in 2015 as a creative resource for Advent. I wanted to post it here as well as a Creative Spiritual Practice. ADVENTure is a creative and interactive prayer walk to contemplate the reason for the season. Designed to accompany the four weeks of the Advent season, each weekly devotional includes a focus on a “character” of the CHRISTmas story, as well as instructions for a creative or sensory experiential to accompany the meditation. This can be done within a church, ministry, small group, or family context. Kid-friendly and engaging.
This post includes links to all five devotionals and instructions to assist you. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below.
Merry CHRISTmas, Jody

God's Creative Gift -- Unleashing the Artist in You

Advent BabyJesus strawADVENTure is a self-directed prayer walk we did several times at church on our college campus. It includes scriptures and short meditations combined with an activity at each prayer station designed to help ponder the true meaning of Christmas.

The church is set up with four candles around the outside of the room to represent a traditional Advent wreath. Another candle is positioned in the middle of the room to represent the Christ candle. These candles become the prayer stations where there are scripture meditations and supplies for an activity associated with each scripture passage.

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Part 1 of a two-part series from artist Colleen Briggs
“And, then, what if Love has the power to cry, “Arise!” and it pulls you up out of the dirt, into the sun, into looming space so broad and free it takes your breath away?”

Colleen Briggs

arise-final-lo-res Arise; 2016; 14″ x 17.5″; mixed media: ink, watercolor, acrylic.

There you are, backed into a corner, walls closing in, ceiling compressing and floor heaving to meet it.

Suffering has a way of whittling the world down into compact space with infinite feeling.

Like a tiny dandelion in a vast open field, exposed. Like the deafening silence of lonely cries withheld in a crowded room, because no one will hear. Like the ache of an amputated limb.

But what if there, in the negative space, the space around what is, there is something more? What if it actually pulsates with something invisible, but something more real than what you see or touch?

What if it is actually love, standing there on the compact grave of buried memories of what was stolen and lost?

And, then, what if Love has the power to cry, “Arise!” and it pulls you up out of the dirt, into…

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