Create-A-Day: your daily dose of creativity #210 — Books of Theologian Jeremy Begbie


National Book MonthJeremy Begbie, professor of theology at Duke Divinity School, has spent much of his life focusing on the intersections of the arts, faith and theology. Now I know, often artists write off theologians and academicians because we think they don’t “get” us artists, but I can assure you Dr. Begbie gets us!! He is indeed one of us!! A musician in his own right, he has been spear-heading arts initiatives at seminaries and universities across the world, making sure professors, pastors and religious thinkers know that the arts have a vital role to play in the Church!

His books (with short reviews/descriptions from Amazon reviewers) include:

Voicing Creation's PraiseVoicing Creation’s Praise: Towards a Theology of the Arts is “for those interested in serious theological reflection on art. Begbie’s unique background as a classically-trained musician and Cambridge theologian gives him wonderful insight and Spirit-led authority in dealing with this critical cultural topic. Moreover, Begbie breaks free of the Modernist stranglehold on aesthetic philosophy, and presents a refreshing and deeply Christocentric analysis of the relationship between the character and action of God and human creativity.” I’ll warn you, this book is expensive, so look into borrowing it from the library. Continue reading

Create-A-Day: your daily dose of creativity #173 — ArtWay Resources for Faith & Art

The Creation by Aaron Douglas 1935, oil on masonite, 48 x 36", Howard University Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.

The Creation by Aaron Douglas
1935, oil on masonite, 48 x 36″
Howard University Gallery of Art,
Washington, D.C.

“Art is born when the temporary touches the eternal.” G.K. Chesterton

ArtWay is a website that offers a plethora of resources for Christian creatives and artists. Out of Europe some of its resources focus on events and exhibitions in Europe, however, there are a large number of articles to peruse, as well as an opportunity to sign up for a weekly visual meditation, emailed right to you each Sunday! You can also search through wonderful artwork there by hundreds of artists! I’ve also found poetry and wonderful quotes about the arts and faith from some of the “greats” of our Christian faith. Continue reading

Create-A-Day: your daily dose of creativity #5 — Jeremy Begbie, art theologian


Today I’d like to introduce you to theologian and musician Jeremy Begbie, the Thomas A. Langford Research Professor of Theology at Duke Divinity School. I first discovered Dr. Begbie  while doing research for my book and was caught up by the depth of his thoughts regarding worship and the arts. I loved that a theologian was mining the depths of the arts for the church and its people. 

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