Tend Your Soul


Painting / depicting your “Safe Place”…
Where do you go to get away with God and how can you depict it through your creativity?

Colleen Briggs Art & Writing

Recently I painted a friend’s “safe place.” Turbulent waters threaten her survival; and in her mind, she swims to a quiet, peaceful space to weep, dream, hope, and gain new strength before plunging back into the storm.

Places possess power. Yesterday I wandered one of my own safe places, a prayer labyrinth buried deep in the forest. Breezes in the pines, vibrant flame of yellow fall leaves, all whispered to me truths from the heart of God. Messages gathered there ground me today, even as they lift me up above everyday realities into eternal promises.

Where is your safe place? Can you go there soon, if not physically, at least in your mind? Take some time to tend your soul. Linger for awhile and listen…


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