Kintsugi of the Soul, edition 5


This week’s Kintsugi of the Soul features a man many of you have probably already heard about, Nick Vujicic, who was born without arms or legs. The first video is him speaking at Saddleback Church. It’s a long video so if you don’t have time to listen to the whole thing this week, at least tune in for the first six and a half minutes. God is using him to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to millions of people worldwide; protect the unborn; and influence those in powerful positions. His goal is to preach the Gospel to everyone across the globe… 7 billion people! To this point over a half million have put their faith in Jesus Christ through his evangelism efforts!! Praise God!

Note: in his intro video he speaks about John 9, which is one of the Bible Studies in chapter 7 of my most recent book, The Creator’s Healing Power—Restoring the Broken to Beautiful.

For the curious, in the video above he mentioned his and Rick Warren’s appearance on Oprah and how the production team edited Warren’s talk so that Jesus was not mentioned. However, Nick’s profession of faith in Jesus could not be edited out, and you can see that below starting at about the 5 minute mark of this video:

I love his UNFAILING HOPE in the midst of “the cards he’s been dealt.” Also, his  BOLDNESS and CONFIDENCE in God’s Word as he proclaims ALL THINGS work together for good for those who love God: THAT is INSPIRING!!  Yes, Lord, yes!! May you be inspired.

The Kintsugi of the Soul project celebrates the release of The Creator’s Healing Power—Restoring the Broken to Beautiful and seeks to share creative resources, personal testimonies and redemptive stories aimed at healing, restoration and wholeness. Pictured above, kintsugi is the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with a lacquer mixed with powdered gold. When an object is broken, rather than discarding the damaged and broken, the pieces are mended, and cracks are filled with precious metal and, in many ways, make the object more beautiful than it was at the start. As a philosophy, it is rooted in the inherent beauty of all objects, no matter what they’ve endured. Kintsugi of the Soul posts appear weekly on Tuesdays here on under the “Creative Resources” tab. You can follow along by signing up to receive emails or on Jody’s Facebook page. Read previous editions by scrolling down here.

The philosophy behind kintsugi is the same one that inspires Jody’s latest book, The Creator’s Healing Power—Restoring the Broken to BeautifulKintsugi is a powerful metaphor of Jesus Christ, the Master Artisan, filling and healing the shattered places within. As the broken places are tenderly pieced back together and repaired with his golden healing balm, they become a beautiful place where God’s glory is revealed in our weakness. Based on the Formational Prayer Model developed by Dr. Terry WardleThe Creator’s Healing Power is an in-depth and interactive Bible study exploring the connection between healing and creativity, prayer and redemption, surrender and beauty, worship and wholeness.

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Book FrontJody Thomae is the author of God’s Creative Gift—Unleashing the Artist in You and The Creator’s Healing Power—Restoring the Broken to Beautifulboth in-depth, interactive devotional books that are part of the Bible Studies to Nurture the Creative Spirit Within series and serve as resources for creative Christians, artists, and lovers of beauty and worship.God's Creative Gift by Jody Thomae Jody has been involved in worship arts ministry since 1997, serving as worship arts ministry pastor, worship leader and creative arts director. She leads worship at local seminars, retreats and women’s events and is a guest lecturer on creativity, embodiment, and spirituality with Healing Care Ministries and HCM International. Her passion is for the revelation of God to be made more real through the prophetic use of the arts in church and the use of creativity in formational and healing ministry. It is her desire to portray the message of Christ’s desperate and unfailing love for His people to help sustain the hearts of the broken and weary. She is particularly interested in the reclamation of the body in the healing of trauma and works in the area of embodiment with survivors of abuse, addiction, and trauma.

JodyThomaeCDcoverart_FA_printThe Bible Studies to Nurture the Creative Spirit Within series includes her first book, God’s Creative Gift—Unleashing the Artist in You and her new release, The Creator’s Healing Power—Restoring the Broken to Beautiful. Print and digital copies (Kindle) are available through Amazon. Signed print copies are available for purchase through Square where her resources are available most affordably (and in bulk amounts for your creative ministry team or group study). Jody’s devotional CD, Song of the Beloved, is also available through Square, iTunes, YouTube, Spotify, and other music outlets.

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