“God’s Creative Gift” Book Review from Artist & Author Sara Joseph

Release Polymer Clay Relief Sculpture (C) Sara Joseph 11x14

Polymer Clay Relief Sculpture
(C) Sara Joseph

Another wonderful review of my book! This one by Sara Joseph, artist/co-owner at Artists Showplace Gallery in Dallas, Texas and author of Gently Awakened: the Influence of Faith on Your Artistic Journey. Find out more about Sara and take advantage of her wonderful resources at www.christian-artist-resource.com.

This is what Sara had to say:

Jody’s book God’s Creative Gift: Unleashing the Artist in You: Bible Studies to Nurture the Creative Spirit Within is a well researched and thoughtful Bible Study. It is to be read unhurriedly and savored. I gained an awareness of aspects of creativity, from a Biblical perspective, that I had not considered before. Yet the Bible was not the only resource quoted. Jody delved into contemporary culture, including lyrics of songs, quotes from theologians, artists and writers… in order to clarify the lessons. It was a rich read that I would recommend to anyone who is interested in the subject of Biblical faith and creativity, regardless of their medium of expression.

What I enjoyed best were the glimpses readers are given of her own artistic medium of expression. Jody is a dancer. In comments peppered throughout the book, her personality emerges as one who loves and worships God with all her heart, mind and body, and with every ounce of creativity she has been blessed with.
“As I dance, my Spirit begins to pray through the movements, and the movements become those groans that cannot be expressed. For me when I run out of words, my movements become my prayer, and I know the Father sees and hears.”
I find it fascinating that authors who tackle this subject well, as Jody has, demonstrate the multi faceted beauty of the body of Christ by the unique nature of their vision!

If you are a creative Christian, this is a book that I would recommend.

So deeply honored to have Sara speak so highly of my book. I would also tell you Sara’s book is a must-read for artists and creatives, artisans and crafters, alike! I was both touched and challenged as I read it!

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