Understanding Comes in Rest


trUly BEaUtiful!!
From a creative journaling / doodling / praying exercise my friend Donna practices each morning….

Donna Godwin Studio 210

Understanding Comes in Rest

Understanding comes in rest and blows the walls of every paradigm right out of the body!  A new perspective comes from the mercy seat,  and as one begins the discipline of rest, a great inner strength is gained.

Not all are called to this journey and the path, while leading to Love, is filled with solitude and solace in a posture of rest.  It is here that we rest as a child does.                Complete, deep, rest and comfort.

Love covers all as mercy reigns!

The path is filled with wisdom as one discovers that they are never alone                       and that many travel with them.

Discernment comes…

      Knowing brings Peace

             and worship is the Gatekeeper.

Understanding Comes in Rest 2017


Enjoy the journey!


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2 thoughts on “Understanding Comes in Rest

  1. Lori Steeves

    I find this rest is so healing. Im glad to see you writing about it! He leads me beside the still waters,and redtores our soul!

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