Rising Into His Glorious Light


YogaFaith is offering a Dynamic Duo to start 2017 off with intentional time in God’s powerful presence. For the 31-day Be Still Challenge, each day in January, a simple yoga pose is paired with a written meditation to guide you on your journey of getting still before the Lord. I did this challenge last year, and it was a BEaUtiful way to start my year. This year, I am adding a 21-day Daniel fast to my journey. YogaFaith is starting a corporate fast on January 8th. You can find all the details here. Please join us for one or both of these “challenges” as we seek the Lord’s face together through embodied worship.

Today (Day 2 of the Be Still Challenge), after I read through the meditation, I lay in Supported Reclining Bound Angle, pairing it with the song below:

As anyone who’s been to my classes knows, Supported Bound Angle is one of my favorites, and I will use it for restorative work at the end of class. Supported by pillows and props the body releases its tension so the heart can open to quiet rest. And yet the song I chose today to pair it with had a driving beat and seemed at odds with the restful posture and the meditation I was to be contemplating. At first, I thought I needed to change the song, but the words were powerful, and as I lay with my palms down (as directed in the meditation) and began to let go of my greatest worries, I realized the song was perfect.

There on my living room floor, supported by pillows and covered in the warmth of blankets, listening to the driving beat and words to the song, I realized that when we are still before the Lord, when we surrender our fears and failures to him, it is HE who comes in and rescues the day! We don’t have to do a thing but be still before him, lay our struggles down at his feet, and rest in the knowledge that God is in control. Sword lifted, Jesus pushes through and fights the battle for us! His Glorious Light shines when we are surrendered quietly before his Grace and Mercy!

From Reclined Bound Angle I rose to Reverse Plank (pictured below), allowing Christ’s resurrection power fill me with HIS GLORIOUS LIGHT!


Photo by: Dee Jones of Open Door Photography

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Blessings of ARTistry, CREATivity & BEaUty, Jody

(c) 2016, Jody Thomae


Jody teaches a redeemed and reconciled form of yoga called YogaFaith. She has collaborated with YogaFaith to develop a virtual Bible Study that includes an embodied practice of yoga to accompany her first book God’s Creative Gift–Unleashing the Artist in You. Find out more at YogaFaith Virtual Bible Study or by contacting her at jodythomae@zoominternet.net. You can follow her YogaFaith with Jody Facebook page too.